Anastasia Pather

1987 - 

Anastasia Pather is a practising fine artist who received her BFA from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2010. She is a finger painter, quiet performer and female concerned with surface and the duality of objects. Her work explores the architecture of memory and the politics of colour. Although she understands her process as an involuntary reaction to a surface she cannot shut out her thoughts about identity, exoticism, eroticism and power. Her use of gold leaf and glue allows her to paint time and that idea quite intrigues her.


Pather has been a contributing artist to the ‘Khula Art’ Bag Project by Moniek van Erven and ‘Speeches from a White Cube’, a performance Art Project by Erin Bosenberg. In 2013 Pather funded, managed and ran the Art and Social Studio, a commercial art studio in 44 Stanley, Johannesburg. This sojourn acted as a living exhibition that intimately invited the public to observe, criticise and join her art making process. Pather was a 2015 semi-finalist in the SA Taxi Foundation Art Award in collaboration with Lizamore and Associates Gallery.


“I am a semi-abstract finger painter, a frequently distracted thinker and an uninterrupted female. My process allows paint to organically form shapes through its own viscosity and my body movements.


“I am acutely aware of my sex, constantly charged by its power and amazed by its controversy even in a contemporary context because of this I feel obliged to use my voice. I recognise that my work is indulgent, self-absorbed and a more than likely derivative and probably predictable exploration into my own sexuality, ethnicity and self but this art is for lovers, not others.


“I’m fascinated by the notion of ‘surface’, the politics and semantics of the word, and how that relates to stereotypes and identity. Also the process of its formation, whether it’s thin or a built up of hidden layers. I play with different mediums to see how physically they will react if forced together. I start an aggressive mark or a fling of paint and work the stroke outwards from that point.”

Solo Exhibitions

2017     99 Loop, Cape Town

2016     Meeting You, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2015     All Eyes on Me, performance piece, Fringe Fair, Johannesburg


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017       A Painting Today, Stevenson, Cape Town

                 Cape Town Art Fair, with 99 Loop, Cape Town

2016       Turbine Art Fair, with No End Contemporary, Johannesburg

2015      Cross Sections, Old Transvaal Post Office (hosted by Kalashnikovv Gallery), Johannesburg

               On the Back of His Words, co-curator, Basha Uhuru Festival, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg