Karen Cronje

1975 - 

Karen Cronje is a painter who lives and works in Cape Town. She holds a BA in Visual Arts (cum laude) (1997) and an MA in Visual Arts (2001) from the University of Stellenbosch.


Cronje’s work explores a range of ideas centring around the notion of a dystopian view of the contemporary world, and reflects her interest in ideas around landscape, memory and the intersection of human interaction and the environment.


Her process is largely intuitive, guided by the ambiguity and mystery of intangible natural phenomena that often forms the starting point for many of her works, and informed by the digital manipulation of multiple visual references.

Solo Exhibitions

2017  Surface Tension, 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town

2011  Amanuensis, AVA, Cape Town

2008  Two Karens, Curious, Whetstone & Frankley, Cape Town

2007  Just a Little More, AVA, Cape Town

Group Exhibitions

2017  Cape Town Art Fair, with 99 Loop, Cape Town

2016  Untitled 2.99, 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town

            No One's Land, 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town 

2015  Two, Smith Studio, Cape Town

2014  Golden Haze, Salon 91, Cape Town

2010  Own Goal, AVA, Cape Town

2008  Feast, Curious, Whetstone & Frankley, Cape Town

            Baring, AVA, Cape Town

            Muse, L'art Gallery, Cape Town

2007  Love Story, L'art Gallery, Cape Town

           Am I a Painter?, ArtB, Bellville, Cape Town

           ABSA Atelier National Exhibition, ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg 

           ABSA Atelier Regional Exhibition, ArtB, Bellville, Cape Town

2006Working Document, Hollard House, Johannesburg 

2005  Finding You, AVA, Cape Town

2004  Gifted/Salon, ArtB, Bellville, Cape Town

            Doring Doilies, AVA, Cape Town

            Pulp, AVA, Cape Town

2003  Y-desire, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town

           Gifted, ArtB, Bellville, Cape Town

2001 Master's Degree Exhibition, Church Gallery, Stellenbosch

           ABSA Atelier Exhibition, National Finalist, Johannesburg 

2000  Emergency, Bell-Roberts Contemporary, Cape Town

1999  Anima(L), ArtB, Bellville, Cape Town

1998  Volkskas Atelier Regional Exhibition, ArtB Bellville, Cape Town