Lizza Littlewort

1963 - 

Littlewort was born in Cape Town, where she lives and works.

She uses fresh and experimental ways of working with oil paint on different surfaces, calling this methodology "Absurdist" as it creates unexpected, surreal accidents which Littlewort uses to express her sense of the essential absurdity of life. 

Since her significant 2015 solo show 'We Live in the Past', which worked as a contemporary critique of South African social history, Lizza has turned to self-reflection, engaging with her own interior states through imagery of water painted on reflective surfaces of aluminium.

Read an in-depth interview with Littlewort about 'We Live in the Past' here.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2016        The Great Grief, 99 Loop, Cape Town
  • 2016        Haevn, 99 Loop, Cape Town 
  • 2015        We Live in the Past, 99 Loop, Cape Town                
  • 2008       Where the Trouble Started, What if the World, Cape Town
  • 2006       The Paris Salon, What if the World, Cape Town
  • 2005       Drawing on a White Background, Michaelis, Cape Town
  • 2004       I Want To Be Famous, AVA, Cape Town