Nina Torr

1987 - 

Read an interview with Torr in VISI Magazine here.


Nina Torr was born in Johannesburg in 1987. She obtained her BFA from the Parsons School of Design in New York in 2010, and has since held three solo exhibitions. Now based in Pretoria, Torr teaches illustration in the city’s Open Window Institute, and creates artworks in the blurry overlap between fine art and illustration.


The subjects she depicts seem to exist in similarly indistinct territory – imaginary, internal landscapes are populated with otherworldly figures and what Torr describes as “sad animals putting on brave faces”. Parallel worlds seem to have “lost track of time” and collided awkwardly; the result is a disorienting but enthralling medley of Biblical, mythological and historical imagery –inspired by old woodcuts and encyclopaedias, illuminated manuscripts, and amateur natural history illustrations.


In contrast to her somewhat apprehensive subject matter, Torr’s technique is anything but. She works mostly in ink and gouache and demonstrates impressive, resolute line work.


(Text courtesy of 50ty/50ty)


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2017             The Way Back (with Allen Laing), 99 Loop, Cape Town
  • 2016             The End of Something (with Ceramic Matters), In Toto, Johannesburg
  • 2016             Still at Sea99 Loop, Cape Town
  • 2014             Again & Again, In Toto, Johannesburg
  • 2012             An Unnatural History, In Toto, Johannesburg
  • 2012             Milk & Honey on the Other Side, Wolves, Johannesburg


Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2017            Tiny, In Toto, Johannesburg
  • 2017             Turbine Art Fair, with No End Contemporary, Johannesburg
  • 2016           No End to This, No End Contemporary, Johannesburg
  • 2016             Fin, Feather, Fur, In Toto, Johannesburg
  • 2016             Vanitas, 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town
  • 2016           Oracle, Salon 91, Cape Town
  • 2015           Stellar, Salon 91, Cape Town
  • 2014           Menagerie, In Toto, Johannesburg