Wim Legrand

1978 - 

Multi-disciplinary artist Wim Legrand was born in Belgium, where he honed his skills as master printmaker, after completing his studies in visual arts in 2000. His career as a painter has steadily advanced in parallel. To date, Legrand has had solo exhibitions in Belgium and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in South Africa, Belgium and Germany.


He currently lives and works in Cape Town, where he runs a production space for screen printing that collaborates with artists on fine art screen printing projects.


In his work painting often goes hand in hand with drawing. Layers of mundane object, that have been shifted into the language of cartoon drawings and the surreal, make up a big part of his work while overlaying the post-modern and contemporary world we live in on top of the art historical atmosphere of the classic traditions he grew up in.



Selected solo shows

2018 FOOFARAW, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2017 Test Campaign, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2016  Brouhaha, 99 Loop, Cape Town


Selected group shows

2018 Cape Town Art Fair, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2017 Cape Town Art Fair, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2016 Untitled 3.99, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2015 Untitled 1.99, 99 Loop, Cape Town