we came at a time | 03 - 19 Aug



  1. Katrine Claassens

Join artist Katrine Claassens and Associate Prof. Marcello Vichi, director of the Marine Research Institute at the University of Cape Town, on the 5th of August for talks on climate change research in the Antarctic, and art and climate change.


With Antarctica birthing one of the largest icebergs ever recorded between the 10th and 12th of July this year, and the severe drought in Western Cape, climate change has been nipping at the corners of our minds.


Using melted sea-ice collected on Claassens's recent accompaniment on a scientific cruise to Antarctic waters, with watercolour and oil, the paintings create space to remember, to mourn, and most importantly, to empathize with our melting world. Drawing on her work, research and experiences both in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, the works touch upon humanity’s fingerprints at furthest, wildest reaches of the earth.

Snow Bird (detail)

Melted Antarctic sea ice & watercolour overlayed with oil on canvas

122 x 152 cm

Katrine Claassens is a painter from Cape Town, South Africa. Her last solo show at 99 Loop looked at tranquilizing effect of the internet, especially memes. She has an honours in Visual Art and a Master’s in Climate Change.