Anastasia Pather

1987 - 


Anastasia Pather is an artist whose work with reused canvas, glue, and other forms of mixed media sets her apart from others. Pather often paints with her fingers, allowing her an intimate relationship with her art. In her own words, “I feel as if I am in the painting – like tracing the surface of your lover’s skin”.

This intense personal connection with her artworks is easily recognisable by artists and admirers alike. Having been a represented artist at 99 Loop for many years, we have had the fantastic opportunity to see the development of her work; from Meeting You in 2016, then Everything Must Go in 2017, to Pretty Face in 2018.

Pather, who is based in Johannesburg, has also involved herself in numerous projects outside of the typical gallery space. Accolades include semi-finalist finish in the SA Taxi Foundation Art Award in collaboration with Lizamore and Associates Gallery, and the funding, managing, and running of the Art and Social Studio, a project that invited the public to join Pather in her studio, and follow her creative process.

On her latest exhibition: Pretty Face is a very conceptual body of work. Deriving inspiration from the hoopoe bird’s plumage, Pather beautifies her work to entice art lovers. But, just as with the hoopoe, this prettiness acts as camouflage to facilitate optimal acclimatisation in a magpie-led landscape of excess and overkill.


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Pretty Face, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2017 Everything Must Go, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2016 Meeting You, 99 Loop, Cape Town


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Cape Town Art Fair with 99 Loop

2018 FNB Joburg Art Fair, with 99 Loop, Johannesburg

2017 A Painting Today, Stevenson, Cape Town

2017 FNB Joburg Art Fair with 99 Loop

2017 You Leave Me With This, No End Contemporary, Johannesburg

2017 WORK/PLAY, Bag Factory, Johannesburg

2017 Cape Town Art Fair with 99 Loop

2016 Oracle, Salon 91, Cape Town

2016 #Selfie, Lizamore & Associates, Johannesburg

2016 Interlude, No End Contemporary, Johannesburg

2015 Cross Sections, Old Transvaal Post Office (hosted by Kalashnikovv Gallery), Johannesburg

2016 Spatial Relations, Lizamore & Associates, Johannesburg

2015 Death of the Old, Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg

2015 On the Back of His Words, co-curator, Basha Uhuru Festival, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg