Colijn Strydom

1979 - 


Colijn Strydom is a visual artist living and working in Cape Town. He studied Fine Art at the University of Pretoria and completed his Master’s Degree in Visual Art at Stellenbosch University. He works primarily in the fields of drawing and painting. His work is eclectic in its approach, and draws from a range of subjects, including literature, history, science and popular culture as well as being concerned with drawing and painting as subjects in themselves.

His subject matter is diverse and draws from literature, history and popular culture. Despite this eclecticism, there is throughout his work an interrogation and dialogue with his own masculine Afrikaner identity. The realm where spirituality and politics intersect interests him, as well as drawing and painting as subjects in themselves.

Selected Exhibitions

2018 The Augurs Chord, solo show, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2018 Proof, Smac, Stellenbosch

2018 Nano 1.2, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town

2018 Contemporary Abstract, Gallery 2, Johannesburg

2018 The Paddock III, Blue Door Print Studio Gallery, Johannesburg

2017 Fluid, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town

2017 Turbine Art Fair with Dawid Ras, Johannesburg

2015 7, 8, 9, 10, solo show, Commune. 1, Cape Town

2015 Drawing a Group Show, GUS, Stellenbosch

2013 ABSA 7 Deadly Virtues exhibition, KKNK

2013 YPO, Silo Gallery, CTCA, Cape Town

2013 Moleskine Art and Design Project (launch at KKNK)

2012 Taal van Teken, KKNK (Klein Karoo Kunstefees)

2012 ABSA’s Art Child, Design Indaba

2012 If you let yourself love a wild thing, Salon91, Cape Town

2011 The last battle is the loneliest, solo show, Brundyn+ Project Space, Cape Town

2011 Open Books, Brundyn+, Cape Town

2010 Poppies in October, solo show, Brundyn+ Project Space, Cape Town

2010 And What Now?, 2 man show with Louis Olivier, Grande Provence, Franschhoek

2010 The Mechanics and Mysteries of Perception, Brundyn+, Cape Town

2010 Coppertone 77, Salon 91, Cape Town

2009 Sad People from the Future, solo show, Dawid Ras, Johannesburg

2009 Walking the Line, Artspace, Johannesburg

2008 Tell yr daddy I say hello, Master’s solo show, AVA, Cape Town

2008 Absa L’Atelier Awards, Johannesburg

2007 Flesh! at the KKNK

2007 Thought Traffic, Premises Gallery, Johannesburg

2006 Die Mees Opwindendste Tekententoonstelling Ooit, KKNK

2006 Post-KKNK show, Gordart Gallery, Johannesburg

2005 Through the Looking Glass, drawing performance, Dirt Art Space, Cape Town

2003 Sasol New Signatures, Pretoria Art Museum

2003 PPC Sculpture Awards, Arts Association, Pretoria

2002 Absa L’Atelier Awards, Johannesburg