Isabella Kuijers

1992 - 

Isabella Kuijers is an artist, curator and writer who graduated with a BFA from the University of Stellenbosch in 2014.


While Kuijers’s medium might vary from watercolours and oil sketches to reverse-glass paintings, botanical imagery pervades all of her work, like rhizomes probing through the soil. Her enduring fascination with plants and the meaning with which they have been imbued is in part due to the pace at which plant life proliferates, forming a backdrop to human endeavour. Kuijers has cast plant life as both personal and political, as a foil to human perceptions of time and reality and, ultimately, as a gently resilient force.

She creates bouquets of experience in her work. Images from dreams, historical sources and popular culture find their way into the paintings: ‘These quotidian fantasies, daydreams and anxieties are cobbled together from a cluttered mind fed on nightmares, YouTube binges and hours of Pinterest and Tumblr. Altogether they create a language of contemporary symbols or a set of absurd tarot cards; dream-like mash-ups composting gently and terrifyingly.’

Kuijers lives and works in Cape Town, and writes for the publication Art Throb. She exhibited her second solo show at 99 Loop, in late 2017, titled 'Codex'.



2018 EN CIPHER, solo, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2018 Investec Cape Town Art Fair, with 99 Loop
2017 Codex, solo, 99 Loop, Cape Town
2017 Ars Gratia Artis, The Gallery at Grande Provence, Franschhoek

2017 Glimpses of Eden, Imibala Gallery, Somerset West
2016 Oracle, group exhibition, Salon 91, Cape Town
2016 Untitled 3.99, group exhibition, 99 Loop, Cape Town
2016 Reveries, group exhibition, AGOG, Johannesburg
2016 Step One, Two, group exhibition, 6 Spin St, Cape Town
2016 Sketch, group exhibition, SMITH, Cape Town
2016 Overgrowth, solo, 99 Loop, Cape Town
2015 Dreams, Amongst Other Things, group exhibition, Salon 91, Cape Town