Richard Mason

1973 - 


Drawing on our anxieties of the digital age and the speed at which technology has become our environment, Mason uses industrial materials and processes to produce intricate works that explore what he calls “our merging with the reality of the virtual.”


Influenced by object orientated philosophy, 80’s design, and art ranging from perceptual abstraction to post-graffiti, he uses the language of technology reflected back on itself.


Mason’s paintings parade the superficial glow of colourful chemicals across ultra-flat industrial surfaces which combine to impact strongly on the viewer.


Mason believes colour is universal and abstract but it is experienced subjectively, affecting us psychologically, not rationally, as do perceptible things. The vibrating geometric bands of colour in his paintings are meant to bend the mind as much as the eye. 


Mason locates his works between a circuit board and a maze. But its the geometric patterns of entoptic phenomena, the objects of consciousness itself, that are under scrutiny, rather than the world outside.


Richard Mason obtained a National Diploma in Graphic Design at the Witwatersrand University in 1994, and a BA in Fine Art at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2002. The artist currently works from his studio in the Eastern Cape.


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Nyamezela, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2018 FNB Joburg Art Fair, with 99 Loop, Johannesburg

2018 放浪と学習の年, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2010 Carbonage Light, AVA, Cape Town

2009 Carbonage, Harrington House, Cape Town


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Investec Cape Town Art Fair with 99 Loop

2018 Investec Cape Town Art Fair with 99 Loop

2017 Untitled 5.99, 99 Loop, Cape Town

2017 Morphogenesis at 99 Loop, Cape Town

2017 FNB Joburg Art Fair with 99 Loop

2016 Untitled 3.99, 99 Loop, Cape Town