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The End is the Beginning is the End



  1. Fayrooz Abader
  2. Heidi Fourie
  3. Jac Hamman
  4. David Theron
  5. Ben Winfield

Mona Lisa’s eyes are said to follow you around the room – an apparent testament to da Vinci’s inimitable skill as a painter.


So what of artworks that actually do move? The move away from capturing a single moment in such works has increased the possibilities of what art can achieve.


Possibility is what the works included in the exhibition ‘The End is the Beginning is the End’ explore, whether using new or traditional media, or a combination of both (more info below).


Each piece considers movement, or the idea of movement, which inherently looks to the future – to change and possibility. Rather than a captured moment,  these works explore the potential of images to speak beyond their dimensionality. They are not representations of what something is, but what it could be. 


Earlier Event: December 3
Untitled 1.99
Later Event: January 27
Imprint / Blueprint | Smit & Valentine