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Still at Sea | Torr



  1. Nina Torr

Between a dark blue sky and barren landscapes of rocky outcrops and restless waves, the figures in Nina Torr’s latest body of work find themselves lost and alone.


A deer lies almost overwhelmed by the surf, while the sun’s orb falls heavily to earth. A haunting robed figure stands solitary on a shore.

And yet, these creatures’ aloneness is not a hopeless case.

Though they may not know where they are or how to get where they want to be yet, there is much to be discovered through the bold hues and beautifully delicate lines of the works, as much for the paintings’ subjects as for us, the viewers. The detail of the paintings entices us to take a closer look, and see the state of being lost as a state of potential.


The vast scope of what can be delved into is shown in the multi-hued topographical layers of earth as well as the analogous coloured stripes found in and around the figures themselves. A hint that, through a journey, our surroundings can shape and enrich us.


Just as the parallel lines Torr depicts can never join, we see that the possibilities for discovery are endless. 

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