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This Brief Moment, Forever | Johnson & Kotzé



  1. Kelly Johnson
  2. Mariëtte Kotzé

Curated by Brett Charles Seiler, 'This Brief Moment, Forever’ captures fleeting seconds. Using photography as a medium of capture, Kelly Johnson and Mariëtte Kotzé provide a conversation on existence, creation and personal experience. The two artists generate a conversation on aesthetics, photography as a medium and abstraction (text continues below). 

Johnson’s photographs are close-ups of hidden details located in nature, perhaps a rock or moss. In this exhibition, her focus is on creating a landscape from existing spaces and maps, intentionally making a new personal world which informs her existence, memory, experience and identity. Johnson’s work uses a poetic methodology to bring attention to the invisible, offering a space of reflection.  

Kotzé’s focus is on time as an ephemeral concept. A transient moment is captured on a scanner’s surface, where water, ink and other translucent fluids are mixed together, allowing the pigmented molecules to break up. The result of these reactions is then digitally captured, each with its own distinct character. Kotzé’s work questions photography by capturing images that can never be created again.

The two artists exhibit together in order to create a conversation about the fleeting nature of daily life and how images can be achieved, located and contemplated. Johnson directly references the landscape, where Kotzé’s work creates an internal landscape – both generating a personal affiliation with their imagined world. A space to reflect, meditate and experience. 


Kotzé recently graduated from the Ruth Prowse School of art. She is increasingly becoming interested in how process and repetition can act as meditative instruments in art making, and how traditional and contemporary art making practices can be combined to create a new visual language.


Johnson studied at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, graduating in 2015. Her inspiration consists of the natural environment, landscapes, maps, aerial photography and city views.

Seiler graduated from the Ruth Prowse School of Art in 2015, and has since been making a name for himself both as a curator and artist.

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