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Anastasia Pather | Pretty Face

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Anastasia Pather

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99 Loop is delighted to show Anastasia Pather’s latest body of work.

Anastasia Pather is a Johannesburg based artist, finger painter and female. Concerned with gender and value, Pather enjoys the ambiguity of double meanings and innuendo. Somehow, her paintings consider the complicated relationship between exoticism, eroticism and history, which generally confuses how she feels about culture, inheritance and love.


Work for Pather's third solo show Pretty Face oscillates between love and camouflage. Pieces work as a possible imagining of 'confidence' armour battling the somewhat abstract, but always consistent and even sometimes blatant shittiness of patriarchy.


Also, because women need to be all things to all people, all the time, the works are pretty and inspired by hoopoe crowns tempting lovers or art buyers. The prettiness acts as a camouflage shield to facilitate optimal acclimatization in a magpie led landscape of excess and overkill.

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